Wiremod не может полноценно работать в Garry's Mod Beta из-за обновлений UI


  • Angle - Select Bugs out debugger when select isn't wired up.
  • Array All except retriever bug out the debugger when the array isn't used.
  • Array Why are the in/outputs called Tbl when they are arrays?
  • Memory - up-down counter Shouldn't this thing work as this ?
  • Timer - Saw pulse Outputs wrong value while SlopeDescendTime.
  • Selection - Value Range Works the same as clamp, no point, removal?
  • Vector - Equal Only outputs 1 when the vectors are exactly the same, however using the logic of the greater and less gates it should output 1 when the magnitude is equal.
  • Vector - Inequal Misspelled, should be Not equal. Only outputs 0 when the vectors are exactly the same, however using the logic of the greater and less gates it should output 0 when the magnitude is equal.
  • Vector - Select Does exactly the same as a multiplexer, removal?


  • I/O - Pod controller Doesn't work at all, even with the standard settings, Removal?
  • I/O - Relay Toggle variable only works for numpad inputs.
  • I/O - 2way radio works the same as a normal radio but limited, Removal?
  • I/O - Vehicle Controller Doesn't work at all.
  • Detection - Damage detector On input only works after being wired up.
  • Detection - Damage detector Damage output doesn't work at all.
  • Detection - GPS Current selected memory always increases with one, which only makes sense when it is on the last added position.
  • Detection - Speedometer Why does split outputs remove the KPH and MPH output?
  • Display - Sound Emitter Volume input doesn't work.
  • Display - Sound Emitter Collision tick does nothing. Note: weld seems to both weld and nocollide sound emitter with all.
  • Display - Sound Emitter Not really a bug, but LFO is only partly implemented, someone should finish it.
  • Display - 7 segment display Update causes lua error: addons\wire\lua\wire\stools\display.lua:208] attempt to index local 'wire_indicators' (a boolean value)
  • I/O - Radio Value isn't clamped, making it greater than 32, makes a "Warning: Unhandled usermessage "" appear.

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